The only food processor we had multiple engines for was the Ninja. Now I can do bigger blend batches!







I have SERIOUSLY neglected this blog in favor of dealing with trying to start the store on etsy, Yarn and Rumors. So, it is after careful consideration that I have decided to cease posting here and do all posting (family, store and other) over at the Yarn and Rumors blog.


Jealous of My Monkey

Little man has been running around singing all day. I couldn’t get him to hold still for long, but this should give you an idea…

Scary Bidness

I have this rather large phobia of dentists.  I had an Army dentist sneak up on me when I was 8 and just pop me in the jaw with a syringe full of novacaine. It was a bit traumatizing; I bit the jackwagon’s hand, in case you wondered how I felt about it at the time.  Since then, I went through about 5 years of orthodontic work, wisdom tooth surgery and 2 periodontal surgeries.  This is not one of those fears with no root. The peridontist that did my gingivectomy didn’t believe me when I tried to tell him that the sedatives and painkillers had worn off, and instead he soldiered on through the procedure. Serious, deep-seated, well-rooted fear here, people.

So, I did the amazing today and called the dentist. Of my own free will.  My own neglect and fear has led me to an unpleasant place of dental issue that until recently I was content to ignore and “take care of when there is time and money.” Anyone who’s ever used that excuse towards something they really fear knows what a load of crap it is. Yes, money is always tight for me, but eventually you MAKE time and FIND the means to take care of yourself. This year is that year.

Step one: the dentist. I will overcome my fear. I will work with him to right my self-inflicted wrongs. We will overcome.

Step two: the doctor. I will get off my ass and get tested (again) for thyroid issues. I will let them draw the vials of blood.

Step three: never have to have this conversation with myself again. I will take care of myself. If don’t take care of me, who will take care of my son?

Step one proceeds tomorrow, at 10 AM.

Over or under achieving?

Well, today I took a big step towards achieving some personal goals: I registered a DBA in Travis county! Next steps are being taken as well: logo is being worked up by a close friend of many years, product lines (because, well, ADHD isn’t just a learning disability – it’s a life style!) are being worked out, licenses and permits are filed, and all signs point towards a new store, a new brand and a fresh start!

The clay charm production was apparently in over-drive this week. I’m still waiting for my edger foot to come in the mail so I can really get back to work on some sewing projects and products. And, of course, the decoupage pendants will go back into production in time to kick-off the new store for the Autism Speaks walk fundraising festivities 2011.

I’m so excited about all the new things afoot that I can hardly stand it! In the coming weeks, I’ll be sure to post new URLs, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages and all the news that’s fit to print…